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We offer a wide range of services to help customers manage product recalls or product that needs to be placed in quarantine. Because most companies are not set up to manage varying volumes of products being returned we offer solutions to help companies resolve space and staffing issues resulting from a product recall. In every recall event we will work directly with our customer to establish and implement the necessary Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that all the recall mandate criteria are met. With our storage and handling solutions and a staff trained in the finest details we are able to track and report every step of recall process and relay that information instantly to our customers.


Product Recall Management Services

  • Total Product Recall management, including Return Authorization Number generation, product receiving, consolidation, product sorting and storage services.
  • Product recall detailed inventory count by product, lot, SU# or other specified by customer.
  • Detailed "live" inventory access of returned recall product.
  • Recall shipment tracking.
  • Product recall consultation.
  • Product destruction and disposal service.
  • Product destruction certificates and disposal certificates.


We also offer quarantine services to help customers manage product that is being held temporarily or long term. As most companies do not have the space required to accommodate product sitting idle in quarantine we offer solutions to help resolve this space issue by offering short and long term storage solutions. All quarantine product is stored based on the standards set by our customer to ensure the quarantine criteria are met.


Product Quarantine Services

  • Product Lot quarantine (weekly, monthly)
  • Long term quarantine product storage (retain samples)  
  • Secluded and secured quarantine areas for products on recall.
  • Re-palletizing or re-labelling services for products/pallets in quarantine.
  • Quarantined pallet indentification.



Our team has experience in the following recall and quarantine issues:

  • Pharmaceutical Product Recalls
  • Pharmaceutical Product Quarantines
  • Medical device Recalls
  • Consumer Product Recalls
  • Food and Beverage Recalls
  • Food and Beverage Quarantines